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By z4029254530, Dec 20 2017 04:59PM

It's that time of year when we spend, eat and drink too much. It's also the time of year when we are out of our normal routine with work and exercise, which usually leads to one thing...injury!

So we have come up with our Top 5 Tips to see you through the feastive season as painfree as possible...

1. Stay Active!

The body is designed to move, not to go from lying in bed to the sofa and back to bed again for a week. If we stop moving, we stiffen up and that's when things start to go downhill. Now we're not saying you have to be in the gym on Christmas day but something as simple as a daily walk or some yoga is enough to keep those joints well oiled and mobile!

2. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...

Whether it's a particularly competitive game of charades or breaking in those new roller blades that Santa left, it's not so much fun if you're spending Christmas convalescing. If things do go pear shaped, remember to call the P.OL.I.C.E (not literally of course!). Protection, Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression and Elevation is a handy pneumonic to keep you right when trying to manage that ankle sprain until you can get to see your physio!

3. Don't leave everything to the last minute...

Spending all day on your feet carrying heavy bags around the shops is not ideal for the body! Pace yourself - stop and have that Gingerbread Latte and mince pie and give yourself a well earned rest!

4. Take time out...

We can get so caught up in shopping and preparing for Christmas that our stress levels go through the roof. Your mental wellbeing has a huge bearing on your physical health and vice versa. Make sure and take some time to yourself - be that to meditate, practise some yoga or just simply do nothing! Just remember: it's only 1 day!

5. Enjoy it...

We would like to wish all our clients a lovely Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!


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